In Ancient Corinth there are a lot of accommodations Airbnb, a variety of rental rooms and high-quality hotels.

In addition, there is clinic, pharmacy, posts, gas station, dry-cleaner, bakery, pastry, butcher, mini market and convenience store with local goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, conserved oil, honey, wine, beer and currant from local producers.

Most of the restaurants are in and around the village square, where you can enjoy coffee, drinks, soft-drinks, ice-cream, pizza and traditional food by viewing the Archaeological area, Akrokorintho or the Corinth bay.

Finally, at the pedestrian which drives on the Archaeological area but also and at the exit of the village you will find beautiful souvenir shops (small statues, earthen, amphoras, gold jewelries etc) and the most of these are handmade. At the same pedestrian, there is a taxi rank.

1) There is a huge parking at the distance of 100m from the village square for cars and buses.
2) There is a minor parking at the distance of 50m from the church only for cars.
3) Also, out of the entrance of the Archaeological area there is a parking for cars and buses.