Petra Terzi
Director, producer Founder BRIDGES IFF

We, the volunteer organizers, professionals in the art and film industry -despite the adversities and natural disasters that hit our country- in an effort to offer a little oasis of culture, establish a crossroad for artists to meet audience and to bridge ideas in picturesque Nafplio. We are happy to be invited for the 6th consecutive year to the historical Vouleftiko and the vision of the local authority continues.

We thank warmly the Mayor of Nafplio Mr Dimitris Kostouros, the Vice Prefect of Argolida Mr Maltezοs, the President of the Greek Tourism Organization Mrs Angela Gerekou, the jurors, the actress Katerina Helmy, who all actively support the Festival. We are proud that this year we celebrate 200 years from the Greek Revolution and 90 Greek films have been selected for the Festival, among them films by Thodoros Maragos and Nikos Kalogeropoulos. We thank from our hearts all who enabled us this year to make this Cinema celebration with inspiration and creativity.

Enjoy the screenings!

Director, producer

Greeting by the Mayor of Nafplio, Dimitris Kostouros

The International Film Festival BRIDGES, will be held in the Parliament from October 24 to 30, for the sixth year of creation and offer in our area. The Festival continuously surprises us with projections that speak directly to our soul.
The secret is none other than the passion of its contributors who tirelessly continue the effort and succeed every year to offer us a spectacle of high quality standards, entertaining and at the same time instructive.


The Festival presents a spectacle that touches us on all levels, with films and events that will stimulate our emotions and consciousness.

We are very happy to welcome you and we hope that the goals of this year’s Festival will be achieved and the Festival will be crowned with success.

Angela Gerekou - Actress
President of the Greek National Tourism Organization

By my capacity as President of the G.N.T.O., I warmly greet the 6th Nafplio International Film Festival, “Bridges”.
In Greece, the country that gave birth to Philosophy, the Sciences and Arts, its cultural heritage must be at the forefront when it comes to actions concerning touristic economy.

Many of you may have heard me saying that in our homeland Tourism and Culture must walk down the same path. The “Bridges” Festival, as the title insinuates, aims to reinforce communication channels, as well as peace and friendship between people and cultures. It is that very same goal which is shared by the economy of hospitality, as I often like to call tourism.

In this context, the G.N.T.O. gave with great pleasure its support to the Nafplio Film Festival, further acknowledging its contribution:
-in the creation of added value in the local, cultural and touristic product
-in the promotion of the region of Argolida and the wider Peloponnese as an alternative, all year round, cultural tourism destination
-in stimulating the local economy and firming up its social cohesion.
In addition, the support of the G.N.T.O. to this event is part of the coordinated effort that is being made in the last few years, by all parts involved in promoting our country as a high-quality filmmaking destination. The creation of FILM OFFICES in Athens, Thessaloniki and the Ionian Islands is moving in this very direction.

But this year’s festival has one more special significance for me personally. It symbolizes a special, key “Bridge” in my acting career.
You see, as an actor, I had the joy and above all the honor of working with the one of our greatest directors, Theodore Marangos, who is also the honorary creator at this year’s Festival. The Rebel with a Cause, Theodoros Marangos, who has served with ethos and exemplary devotion for so many years in the field of Culture. Our collaboration on “Runaway of the Moon” has always been for me an unforgettable journey into the magical world of the 7th art.

Before I leave you, I would like to warmly congratulate again the organizers, all the parts involved and the Artistic Director Mrs. Petra Terzi for perfecting this event and wish you all good luck.

Angela Gerekou – actress
President of the Greek National Tourism Organization

Ioannis Maltezos
Vice-Regional Commander P.E. Of Argolida

The Argolida Regional Unit warmly supports the 6th International Film Festival with all its might. Innovative, alternative, progressive and creative as it is characterized, the Nafplio Film Festival continues to aim at the promotion of film production. This is a goal that comes to meet and keep pace with our basic pursuit in the Peloponnese Region, which is none other than the promotion of the image of Greece in international public opinion through the promotion and dissemination of our contemporary artistic creation. Besides, every year the Regional Unit of Argolida is more and more involved in the organization of such events of high standards, as through such actions, apart from the artistic spirit, the beauty and history of the city of Nafplio is promoted and highlighted.

I want to congratulate the contributors and organizers for their enthusiasm and creativity, which helps our region a lot. The love and interest with which the public embraces the festival, but also fact of its constant presence, proves the importance and his role. The appreciation and interest of the audience in the festival, as well as its continuous presence, clearly demonstrate its importance and role. The Peripheral Unit of Argolida will always be a helper in your efforts, knowing that the cinema is one of the main and most powerful means of expression, a powerful and effective tool that our region needs.

Warm congratulations and good movie screenings!

Ioannis Maltezos
Vice-Regional Commander P.E. Of Argolida


In an admittedly difficult year, in 2021, the 12th  BRIDGES International Film Festival Corinthia Peloponnese gives its own, special, present.

In the fruitful years of its presence, the Festival was loved and embraced by the audience of all ages because it managed to offer the citizens alternative ways of fun and entertainment. Also the artistic
collaboration with other film festivals made it one of the most important institutions for the promotion of contemporary cinema in the Peloponnese.
In Ancient Corinth from August 28 to September 5, the public will have the opportunity to watch films – short and  feature films by up-and-coming directors and to coexist with the Greek and international Seventh art.
Welcoming this special event of culture and creation, which is taking place in the Peloponnese Region, I extend my warmest wishes for its success and for the fulfilment  of the goals of those who contributed to its realization.