Petra Terzi

We, the volunteers organizers, professionals with international excellence in the art and film industry and the cultural organization Cine@Art registered in the entity record of the Ministry of Culture, in its 12th edition -despite the adversities and natural disasters that hit our country- in an effort to offer a little oasis of culture, we decided the “Bridges” International Film Festival  to take place the period between the end of the summer and the beginning of fall at an open space. We are glad to host a selection of the Cine@Art Festival and the Delphi Film Festival. At the same time, there will be an online screening program and live interviews with the artists in collaboration with the cultural platform Inspire-TV® . We thank our sponsors and the Cultural Organisation “Apollo” at Ancient Corinth for their support which enabled us to make  this live event real.

Enjoy the screenings!



Director, producer


Greeting of the  Regional Governor of Peloponnese Mr  Panagiotis Nikas

In an admittedly difficult year, in 2021, the 12th  BRIDGES International Film Festival Corinthia Peloponnese gives its own, special, present.

In the fruitful years of its presence, the Festival was loved and embraced by the audience of all ages because it managed to offer the citizens alternative ways of fun and entertainment. Also the artistic
collaboration with other film festivals made it one of the most important institutions for the promotion of contemporary cinema in the Peloponnese.
In Ancient Corinth from August 28 to September 5, the public will have the opportunity to watch films – short and  feature films by up-and-coming directors and to coexist with the Greek and international Seventh art.
Welcoming this special event of culture and creation, which is taking place in the Peloponnese Region, I extend my warmest wishes for its success and for the fulfilment  of the goals of those who contributed to its realization.