Our Dream Team

Petra Terzi
Founder & Festival Director

Mottos : "Every ending is a new beginning!" "If you are good they watch you; If you are great they copy you!" "Think and dream big and globally for the good of humanity and all personal and minor wishes are fulfilled." "Be creative and stand united!"

Maria Palmer
Selection committee

Favorite movie quotes: "You can't handle the truth!" A few good men "The truth will set you free." The Matrix

Olga Dimou
Press Office

Concept "To be loved is a success. To love is a duty. To be with someone you love is an achievement. To be with someone who loves you, this is life!"

Ηarry Tsironis
Graphic designer

"One picture is worth one thousand words."

Ioannis Tsechelidis
Script analyst

"Life is a journey towards the light."

Theodoros Maragos
Film Director / Festival Advisor

In old times in Greece, there was a cinema that was characterized as melodrama because it was only addressed to the feeling of the spectator and there was very crying. He remained in history as the cinema of Martha Vourtsi. It was the so-called commercial cinema.

Andreas Fragos
Social Media Manager

Vasilis Psomas & Valerie

Nikos Stasinopoulos
Videos - Interviews


Cultural Association "Apollo"

  • Konstantina Soukouli
  • Eleni Soukouli
  • Konstantina Papaioannou
  • Fotini Marini
  • Georgia Tampouri
  • Evagelia Kakouri