Ancient Corinth was an important city-state of the ancient Peloponnisos. It was governing an area that was accounting for the East of the current district of Corinth and in the North-East of the district of Argolida. Ancient Corinth was controlling the most important part of Isthmos and wasthe most important trade mark of the ancient world, until it be menaced from the Athens. Corinth was considered as the richer city of the ancient world.


1) By the car.
From Athens will be not needed over 60 minutes to arrive at Ancient Corinth. You will follow the highway Corinth-Patra with direction to Patra and you will come out at the exit for the Ancient Corinth (cross Ancient Corinth). Billboards are helpful.
2) Suburban train is connected to the airport of Athens and the port of Piraeus. You can take the train with direction from Kiato and DEBARKATION in station CORINTH. After that from the suburban station of Corinth, you have to take a taxi in order to arrive in Ancient Corinth. (actual cost 10€).
*The cross and the connection between the lines (Airport-Kiato)- (Piraeus-Kiato) and the opposite is in stations (Ano Liosia or SKA Rail Station) and it is depended on the train route.
For more information about train routes, you can call TRAINOSE at 14511 (charge 0,62€ for calling from stable phone,98,4€ for calling from mobile) or visit followings websites: and

3) Bus line from Kifiso
With a bus from Kifiso to Corinth and then transfer to an other bus to Ancient Corinth. For additional bus line information please visit followings websites or call on the bus agency 27410-75410 (press 7) and 210-5150287.
Check followings timetables:



(From the village square you will need approximately 10 minutes to arrive with by car or taxi at the Castle of Akrocorinthos or on foot if you have the courage.)
At the southwest of Ancient Corinth exists the stone of Akrocorinthos with a high of 575 meters. The first defense of Akrocorinthos is at the end of 7th-6th BC century.
In the Castle of Akrocorinthos was created three defendable embattlable roads with walls, battlements, crenelates, ditches and well-embattlable entrances. The uphill stoned-road which leads you at the consecutive doors needs shoes that doesn’t slide, water and a hat.
It is a full Castle, that exists in parallel with the general Hellenic history and it was very important for the guard of the area because from this place they could control the only entrance from mainland Greece to Peloponniso and also the connection between Corinth and Saronikou bight.
While we are going aboard, the view is incredible.
Walk around and admire impressive doors, domed-corridors, Byzantine constructions, enormous bastions, Venetin breastworks and tight casemates. In the interior place of the Castle are ashes of churches (Saint Dimitrios, Venetin king, mosques made by minare, water fountains, underground byzantine place with dices and stoned-rooms, fountainhead Ano Peirinis with two underground domed-corridors areas, Aphrodite’s church 5th-4th BC century) with subsequent constructions.
The higher part of the Castle is the base of the Ancient Aphrodite’s church where the view is amazing!
After walking between the walls, you come out and enjoy the panorama that is in front of you. You have the option to drink a coffee on the restaurant that exists on the Castle by admiring the awesome view.


It is in a distance of 1000 m from the village square).
The rich history of Corinth and the its cultural heritage which has been revealed until now are housed at the archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth, in the ancient area of the ancient city. There, are accommodated findings from the prehistorical age until the Late Byzantine ages. The most important monument of the exterior place is the huge Archaic temple.

Aches in the ancient area are providing us a clear image of the big commuter development and the well-preserved doric Appolo’s temple (550 BC) is an irrefutable hearsay for the growth of the city already from the Archaic ages.

It is worth to visit the doric Appolo’s temple which exists in the center and find the tracks from the Roman agora, the footage of Apostle Paul which was in the center of the Roman Agora, bathrooms and adits and of course to admire the discoveries of excavations in the museum (mosaics, ceramics etc.)

For more information about working hours of the museum visit:
Phone: (+30)2741031207.
Also, yo can visit near archaeological areas, monuments and museums of Corinth such as Archaeological areas and museums in Isthmias, Nemea, Sikiona, Iraiou Perachoras.


In Ancient Corinth there are a lot of accommodations Airbnb, a variety of rental rooms and high-quality hotels.

In addition, there is clinic, pharmacy, posts, gas station, dry-cleaner, bakery, pastry, butcher, mini market and convenience store with local goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, conserved oil, honey, wine, beer and currant from local producers.

Most of the restaurants are in and around the village square, where you can enjoy coffee, drinks, soft-drinks, ice-cream, pizza and traditional food by viewing the Archaeological area, Akrokorintho or the Corinth bay.

Finally, at the pedestrian which drives on the Archaeological area but also and at the exit of the village you will find beautiful souvenir shops (small statues, earthen, amphoras, gold jewelries etc) and the most of these are handmade. At the same pedestrian, there is a taxi rank.


1) There is a huge parking at the distance of 100m from the village square for cars and buses.
2) There is a minor parking at the distance of 50m from the church only for cars.
3) Also, out of the entrance of the Archaeological area there is a parking for cars and buses.


1) Beach “Kantare”

It is located 3km far from the center of Ancient Corinth.
It is a huge coast, about 600m, where exterior has cobbles but in the sea has sand.
The beach “Kantare” is ideal for families that want to enjoy their swimming because the sea is sallow and gets deeper gradually. In the beach you will find organized and non-organized part which means that if you want you can buy all necessary after arriving because there is cafes and restaurants.

2) Beach “Ancient Port”

It is about 2.5km from the center of the center of Ancient Corinth, next to the beach “Kantare”. It is a large coast, about 500m where interior has cobbles but in the sea has sand.
The beach “Ancient Port” or otherwise “The Hills”, is ideal for families that want to enjoy their swimming. It is not organized, so you have to bring your own water, food and equipment for your swimming before your arrival.

At both of the above beaches you can arrive by the bus, your own car or by a taxi.

Venue: Cultural Center 'Anastasia Kefala'

For more information you visit:

In Ancient Corinth during the hole year are hosted cultural events by our cultural association “Appolon” and also by other local and foreign associations from Greece and abroad under the aegis of K.E.P.A.P , of the municipality of Corinth and of the Minister of Cultural. T he majority of the events are taking place on the summer. More specifically, the program of the event includes:
1) special events
2) traditional dances
3) zumba classes
4) theater festival
5) music nights with famous singers
6) comlpicated shows
7) lyric theater
8) photograph festival
9) modern dance
Also, they participate amateur theatrical and music-dance shows, well-known performers, and innovative performances from the begging of July until the end of September.
There are taking place at the open theater “Zenia” in the ancient Corinth, in the Archaeological area of the museum of ancient Corinth and Akrocorinth, in the churchyard, in the cultural center “Anastasia Kefala” and in the village square.

A few words about the venue Cultural Center of Ancient Corinth ‘Anastasia Kefala’ and the Bridge’s Festival supporter Cultural Association “Apollo”.
The cultural association of Ancient Corinth “Appolo” is been housed in the Cultural Center of Ancient Corinth “Anastasia Kefala”.

It is established at 1982, from a team of young people full of anxiousness and dreams for the current and the future of our village. During the creation of the cultural association, an important role played the love about the dance-music tradition. Through traditional songs people transfer ethics and folkway to the next generations.

As it’s normal, the first classes of traditional dances was created. Classes for kids at kindergarten, for 4 years-old kids and for elderly people at the age of 84. Today enumerates 182 members. It’s the larger dance team of the municipal of Corinth.

Our dance part that started from 1982 until today has a lot of performances at events and international events both on Greece and at foreign countries. (USA, SERBIA, TURKEY, ITALY etc.)

The second part was the part of the music. 35 employees are working there and they take place at different music events.

From 1998 the association is an active member of the International Organization of Folk Art-in operational relations with UNESCO and is participating at conferences, festivals, workshops and seminars.

From 2004 there are classes of kick-boxing, and gym.

At 2006 coordinated the 6th International Symposium for the dance under the aegis of IVO UNESCO and Ministry of Education with a great success.

Simultaneously, was branched out into obtaining traditional uniforms, a lot of them are authentic. Also, a new searching team was created for the account of traditional dances, songs and folkways of Ancient Corinth and of the wider area. So, in that way two CD and one DVD was published.

At the activities of the association until today is included: the operation of the Bank of blood, Christmas events, awards for top students and graduates, Carnival and Summer events with revival of Freedom of Akrocorinth from Turkes 26th October, educational, scientifically, artistically seminars and acts for the protection of the environment such as afforestation in the area and cleanig of the Beach “Kantare”.

Undoubtedly, through the years it’s appeared the beliefs of the association and its important contribution to protect the folk civilization in the hole globalization.

The Cultural Association of Ancient Corinth “Apollon” apart from its own activities, is collaborated with organizations in order to attract tourists, for different cultural events that helps in the promotion not only of Ancient Corinth but also of the hole area of Corinth.

Our goal is to participate at the cultural events and make tourists want to re-live the experience. As a result, there is tourist and economical development of the local society.

In conclusion, our Cultural Association of Ancient Corinth “Apollo” with pleasure will host the 12th International Cine Festival of Corinth Peloponnisos “Gefires” 2021, in the area of Cultural Center of Ancient Corinth “Anastasia Kefala” from 28th August to 5th September 2021.

Sincerely, for the Administrative Council


Soukouli Konstantina.