Later Aphrodites – Demeter Stavropoulos, Greece, 2019, 16’15”

After battling with cancer Melanie is trying to get used to the changes her body and are going through. SLater Aphrodites-posterynopsis (Short): The movie is described through Melanie’s eyes, a woman cancer patient, who is trapped in her postoperative state of her body and mourning for the prior existence of it. Through her personal moments we can feel her impasses and her need to identify her new substance. Tagline: Beauty is the power of a distant world.

Director’s Note (Short): Later Aphrodites is a contemporary portrait of womanhood. Begging with the archetypes of the goddess Aphrodite that carry a universal message of beauty, the story develops in nowadays. Through the story of a woman cancer patient the film deals with the reconstruction of the female body and talks about stress and self-confidence.

Demeter Stavropoulos

ERT S.A. Microfilm Program

Giorgio Molvalis, Harris Oreinos-1895 Cinematic Creations

Lydia Katsanikaki
Key Cast “Melanie”

Fenia Apostolou
Key Cast “Sissy”

Spyros Kyriazopoulos
Key Cast “Nick ”