«When the storm fades» – Sean Devlin, Canada/Philippines, 2018, 101′

Written and Directed by Sean Devlin “A beautiful and totally original film. Unique, powerful, lovely, funny, heartbreaking and true.” – Naomi Klein From Executive Producers Naomi Klein, The Yes Men and Mark Achbar (dir: The Corporation, Manufacturing Consent). A genre defying docudramedy starring a real Filipino family re-enacting their daily struggle to recover from the strongest storm in recorded history – 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan. Three years after Typhoon Haiyan, the Pablos have rebuilt their seaside home in Tacloban, one of the Philippines’ poorest neighbourhoods. Their slow recovery is shaken up by two awkward Canadian volunteers planting trees in the community played by Canadian Comedy Award Winners Kayla Lorette and Aaron Read. This white couple is learning the difference between helping and actually being helpful. Part comedic fiction, part dramatic re-enactment – the result is a satirical examination of the white saviour complex and a quiet meditation on grief in the era of climate change. The third feature film from Filipino-Canadian writer/director/comedian Sean Devlin ? ?? an artist jailed numerous times by the former Conservative Canadian government for his headline grabbing creative interventions on climate change. A prefigurative production that has improved the economic quality of life for the storm survivors that star in the film. This film was produced through crowdfunding combined with generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts and Telefilm Canada.