The Studio – Petra Terzi (aka Stone), Greece, 2016, 5′

Synopsis: Sofia, Lena, Panos and George -four young people and friends- are also members of the group “Success”. They are identified as members with the same tattoo on their hand.
Sofia and Hercules-a musician like each other but Hercules is not welcomed by Sofia’s group of friends.
Sofia and Hercules make a decision…

GA – The Studio – To Belong to Yourself
The first from the four short student films by Petra Stone (aka Terzi), 20162016, GREECEGenre: Fiction, youth, romance

Writer: Petra Stone (aka Terzi)

Producer: Petra Terzi – CINE@ART

Director: Petra Terzi (aka Terzi)

Assistant Director: Haris Karaoulanis
Assistant Director of Photography: Demetrios Manioros
Camera: Theodore Pettas, Demetrios Karagiannis, Demetrios Manioros

Original music: September – composed and performed by Ioannis Paplomatas
Editor: Alexander Sikalias, Venia KoromilaSound
Design: Alexander Sikalias, Nikos Kouzis, Konstantinos Karvellas
Costumes: Aphroditi Vafiadou
Make up: Eliana Christou
Graphic Designer: Theodosia DelivoriaStarring: Ioannis Paplomatas, Sofia Emmanouil, Georges Daskalos, Lena Goudaki, Panagiotis Andreadakis, Christos Gkipatas
Duration: 5′50

Language: Greek
Subtitles: English&Greek

Director’s statement: To be original and authentic. To belong to yourself and to not be absorbed or altered by the ‘gangs’ and the system in order to be powerful or somewhere to belong.