The 13th – Chris Hastings, UK, 2017, 72′

Schoolteacher Christopher Shaw receives news of the death of his father, a man he hasn’t seen since being abandoned into foster care as a child. He sets out for the remote Greek island where his father died, seeking closure and to reclaim his family’s possessions; but he finds something much worse.

Confronted by a desolate, half-ruined island beset by tragedy, its inhabitants inexplicably taking their own lives, he discovers his father had been obsessively researching a theological artefact, supposedly buried on the island.

With the help of a mysterious and beautiful local, Chris learns that his father had believed the artefact responsible for the plague of suicides.

With Chris’s own life under threat, the mystery deepens when he learns his own mother, more than a decade earlier, had been the first islander to take her life. He realizes that his own family history is inextricably linked to the curse and the answer to extinguishing its power lies deep within his own unremembered past.

As corpses line the street and Chris pieces together the puzzle, he learns that the island was final resting place to one Judas Iscariot. His father had made the ultimate sacrifice to stop the curse, but Chris’s sacrifice must be greater still.