“Sarmako: A Tale of the North”- Marco Papadopoulos, Greece, 2020, 85′

Synopsis: October 1949: Supposedly the Greek Civil War is over but still the people have to live with the consequences and a a great gap between them.Antonis, the owner of a tavern with live music, stays neutral and tries to maintain his establishment. Now his past is catching up with him which forces him to make a difficult decision. And while the war, the decade and a whole epoche come to an end, the musicians play their classic rembetika songs.

Title: Sarmako: A Tale of the North
Director: Marco Papadopoulos
Writer: Marco Papadopoulos
Producer: Marco Papadopoulos
Key cast: Alexandros Nikolaidis, Christina Dagaki, Dimitris Krikos, Nikos Polozianis, Ilias Berberis, Nikos Korexianos, Konstantinos Gaitatzis