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“12th Bridges International Film Festival Corinthia Peloponnese” 28/08/2021 - 05/09/2021 Ancient Corinth - Cultural Centre ‘Anastasia Kefala’

The volunteer organizers, professionals with international excellence in the art and film industry, together with the cultural organization Cine@Art, registered with the Greek Ministry of Culture, decided, despite the adversities and natural disasters that hit our country, and in an effort to offer a little oasis of culture, to present the 12th edition of the film festival “Bridges” to take place in the time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall in an open space. At the same time, there will be an online screening program and live interviews with the artists in collaboration with the cultural platform Inspire-TV® .

Taking into consideration the social distancing measures, the 12th edition of the “Bridges” International Film Festival will begin on the 28th of August and will end on the 5th of September. The Festival will take place in Ancient Corinth and will be hosted by the Cultural Centre ‘Anastasia Kefala’, between 20:00-23:00, with the support of the Cultural Association “Apollon”. All the protocols about public health will be complied with due to Covid-19. In case of rain, the event will be moved inside the Cultural Centre only for the accredited guests and the general public all of whom must provide proof of vaccination.

The 12th “Bridges” International Film Festival includes 90 short and feature films, with Greek and European movie premiers, fictional and documentary films, as well as recent productions from 25 countries. One third of the program consists of Greek movies, whose directors will attend to present their work. The foreign movies will have Greek subtitles. Admission is free. In collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Athens Prefecture and the transportation company Speedex, donations of necessary goods can be offered for those in need due to the wildfire at Vilia.

In addition, the 12th “Bridges” International Film Festival -apart from the main program- will host 50 short films, 1′-5’ each from the film festival Cine@Art and the finalist movies from the Delphi Film Festival in conjunction with the temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth. The program is highlighted by originality, the fresh views of the young and acclaimed creators. Half of the program is composed of movies by women directors and producers in order to create balance to the ideas presented. The “Bridges” International Film Festival invites the cinephile people of Corinth to take part in the short film jury.

The cinematographic subjects include diversity, environmental crisis , ethical values, experimental artistic dance, spirituality, the integration of the refugees in local regions by the Asia Minor Disaster and the Burning of Smyrna, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, the Greek Revolution of 1821, as well as the refugees of today. The “Bridges” International Film Festival will honor the acclaimed Greek theatre, television and screen actors, Georgia Zoi on August 31st and Katerina Helmi and Harry Roma on September 4th .

Additionally, on Saturday September 4th, at 20:00, the Golden Pegasus Awards will be announced and a special musical program inspired by famous movies will be presented by Corinthian Cellos: Eugene Bensis, Chris Panagopoulos and Loucas Malamadakis.

On Sunday September 5th, at 20:00, the last day of the 12th “Bridges” International Film Festival, a film music program will be presented “Tenia poy emelle” by the Corinthian artist Katia Andrianakis with a video by Dronius. The program’s closing film is the comedy “Why Antonaki Why Nikolaki?” directed by Theodoros Kolovos.

The 12th “Bridges” International Film Festival is distinguished with the European recognition EFFE Label. This badge is the European stamp of quality of notable art festivals, that are characterized by their contribution to the fields of art, their influence in the local region and their open international profile.

The “Bridges” International Film Festival first took place in Corinth in 2008 to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the establishment of New Corinth. Every year it hosts Greek and foreign productions in order to showcase young directors, exchange innovative ideas, promote original artistic creations and elevate Greek culture. The films are selected for their artistic excellence and the cinematographic value, to transfer the audience to other worlds and cultures , to provoke emotions, sentiments and to make people think, but at the same time provide entertainment.

The best feature film is awarded the modern sculpture “Golden Pegasus” that sets the acclamation as special by the VIP Jury, crafted by the artist Sokratis Lambropoulos.
The Pegasus, in ancient times was considered to be the horse of the Muses that the poets ride and fly high to the skies that is why it is the greatest award of the festival.

The 12th “Bridges” International Film Festival is supported by the Region of Peloponnese, the Greek Film Centre, ERT3 and local media.

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