“Playa Azul I Love You: Together in Ecosexual Love” – Dr. SerenaGaia, aka SerenaAnderlini-D’Onofrio, Shaison P. Ouseph, Puerto Rico, 2017, 33′

This 30-minute documentary is the story of a 16-year love affair with a beach that culminates in a Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love. What is an ecosystem? When we practice Ecosexual Love, an ecosystem is a companion, a partner, a lover: much more than an object of scientific study. Falling in love with an ecosystem–recognizing the love and health it can bring to people’s lives–is what this film is about. Interpreting the Earth as a lover is the shift in metaphors that has galvanized the Ecosexual Movement. We need to love the Earth we make love on, so as to mark a common path for the sex-positive movement and the global ecology movement. For an adult, responsible behavior of humankind toward nature. This movement manifests locally as well. A liminal space for dwellers and lovers, Playa Azul is a beach located on the south side of the shore of Western Puerto Rico. It is being stewarded with love by a team of dwellers who love to share it with nature lovers. It is now a very hospitable to diverse lovers and conducive of inclusive forms of amorous behavior. We the co-directors made this film to celebrate the beauty of this ecosystem and the spontaneous behavior it inspires in people when living close to nature and the Caribbean shore. We extended our invitation to a Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love, and a community came together for this inclusive and fluid symbolic ceremony. When participants married the beach, a radical form of “marriage equality” was practiced. Everyone became a “spouse” to the ecosystem, which acquired much “spice” by effect of the sacred wedding to this particular piece of Lover Earth. When we recognize the Earth as the partner we all share, we become “metamours” to one another, namely people who consciously share a beloved. This is one of the powers of practicing Ecosexual Love. The film documents this coming together and its transformative effects for the community and the beach itself.