“One night only” – Lili Bordan, USA, 2020, 18’52”

The film explores loneliness, anonymity, and the nature of romantic love with that one person you’ve always wanted, but could never end up with. Béla, a Hungarian actor, travels to New York City to perform his one man show of Moliére’s “Misanthrope” and reconnects with his long lost love from 25 years before. Some loves are too special to ruin with a relationship…

Title: One night only
Director: Lili Bordan
Writer: Lili Bordan, Mihaly Szabados
Producer: Lili Bordan, Krisztián Köves, Mihaly Szabados, Eszter Csepeli
Key cast: Mihaly Szabados, Zoi Florosz
Cinematographer: Eszter Csepeli