Music box – Yerasimos Papachristopoulos, Greece, 2020, 20’

A 10 year old boy experiences the loss of his Grandfather. The Grandson wanders around the city recalling memories of his Grandfather. After a visit to his widow Grandmother, he discovers something that flusters him. He believes a secret is kept away from him. The Grandson’s unlimited imagination leads him to irrational findings and thoughts that his Grandfather may still be alive.

Title: Music box
Director: Yerasimos Papachristopoulos
Writer: Yerasimos Papachristopoulos
Producer: Harvir Gill, Max Mallen
Key cast: Nikolaos Exarhos, Sakis Kliris, Konstantina Karagianni, Petros Xekoukis
Supporting cast: Jordan Bunder, Annie Wilson, Bianca Kristen
Original sound score: Sid Acharya