Molon Labe-Michail Mavromoustakos, Greece, 2016, 11′- 23/10/2016, Trianon, Nafplio

Synopsis: The movie brings up matters of overconsumption , social media and technology dominance . The movie hero is literally captivated in his home . He is living in a digital everyday life but in the end , he has to deal with a dilemma ..

Molon Lave

2015-16, Greece

Producer: Kris Tsiakiris , Michail Mauromoustakos

Director: Michael Mauromoustakos

Starring: Alexandros Giannou, Eleni Apostolopoulou, Christina Tsafou..

Genre: Fiction Drama
Duration: 9’12
Dialogues: English & Greek
Subtitles: English & Greek