Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom – Kalliope Barlis,USA, 2020, 22’

From Fear speaks to people living in fear. The National Institutes of Health says millions of people in the United States suffer with uncontrollable fear. It holds them back from living their life with freedom. But, there is hope.

Watch Rachel overcome her debilitating fear of heights; documented before, during and after Kalliope guides her through a process. When Kalliope lets go of her hand, Rachel is finally free from fear as she stands on a ledge overlooking a valley, with arms wide open—an inspiration to us all.

Director: Kalliope Barlis
Writer: Kalliope Barlis
Producer: Kalliope Barlis
Key Cast: Kalliope Barlis, Rachel Camacho
Runtime: 22 minutes 18 seconds
Year: 2020
Country: United States