In memoriam – Dimitrios Karras, Greece, 2020, 9’26’’

Ariadne, a member of an anti-government covert resistance group, is captured and interrogated by an intelligence agent. As Ariadne refuses to reveal information about her group, the agent threatens to erase her memories about her identity and personal life.

Title: In memoriam
Director: Dimitrios Karas
Writer: Dimitrios Karas
Producer: Dimitrios Karas
Key Cast: Sofia Fytianou, Nikos Kousoulis, Iphigeneia Stampouli
Director of Photography: Maria Kontovounisiou
Sound Engineer: Ifigeneia Theodoridis
Makeup: Elsa Gogoglou
Costume and Production Design: Elsa Gogolou
Original Score: George Xoulogis
Sound Design: George Xoulogis
Production Assistant: Ioannis Levantidis
Script Supervisor: Elisavet Papadopoulou