Ice – Led

Ice – Led

24.10. at 21:30


The film ICE represents an apotheosis of loyalty and love. The story focuses on the lives of archetypal characters and metaphorically represents the inexorable uprooting of a Serbian family during the 1970s, the demise and disappearance of hamlets and villages in the magnificent Šumadija, the most beautiful region of central Serbia. Set in Šumadija’s Radomilje village during the period of false bliss in Yugoslavia during the last decade of Tito’s life – in 1976, the dramatic plot is centred around young, 20-year-old, villager Milivoje, who lives with his mother Stana, grandfather Životije and grandmother Saveta. Milivoje is torn and haunted by the portentous and foreboding memories of the harrowing death of his father in a quarry 10 years earlier, when he was still a boy. ICE is the debut work of young director Jelena Bajić –Jočić. Film „Ice“, Impressions – Emir Kusturica, Director: 30, June 2012. “By its essential esthetics, film expression and total artistic accomplishment, the film “Ice” significantly denies the fact that its author is a debutant. Maturity is bewildering in director’s process and through messages the author is sending us, with moderate and precise emotion which specially portrays the powerful film nostalgia. In its ambiguous creative structure, “Ice” carries powerful dramatic elements of an antic tragedy, whereas the counter reaction to the general positive impression is provided by highly esthetic melodramatic poetics depicted in fabulous ambiences of Serbian village. The film “Ice” is characterized by great and inspired photography, exceptional acting, music supporting the atmosphere and deepening the emotion, as well as high technological-production realization level.”
2012, Serbia
Nedeljko Bajić

Jelena Bajić Jočić

Velimir Bata Živojinović
Nela Mihailović
Olga Odanović
Momčilo Otašević
Nenad Jezdić
Rale Milenković
Nedeljko Bajić
Biljana Mišić
Dubravko Jovanović and others
Special guest stars: Emir Hadžihafizbegović and Radoš Bajić

Duration: 120′
Dialogues: Serbian
Subtitles:English / Greek