Him and her – Daria Geller, Israel, 2020, 17’13’’

A struggling singer and her manager husband travel from show to show, falling in and out of love as they realize how much they need and despise one another in equal measure. A film about love, hate, and how the two sometimes co-exist. Inspired by the short story “He & She” by Anton Chekhov.

Title: Him and her
Director: Daria Geller,
Writer: Daria Geller, Asya Fix
Producer: Yuval Orr, Daria Geller, Iftach Aloni, Yana Kurbatova
Key Cast: Miriam Sekhon, Evgeniy Kharitonov
Art Director: Aleksandra Smirnova
Cinematography: Daria Geller
Music composer: Roi Keidar, Anna Pinskaya
Costume: Aleksandra Kaminer