“Heimlich” – Konstantinos Bakouris, Greece, 2017, 20′

Heimlich is homely. Paris lives in an unhomely home. Serena wants a home, in a place you wouldn’t exactly call Paris. They drink. They talk. They merge. In water, beer and memory. A frog leaps. Strange. Stranger. Unhomely. Unheimlich. Stranger than home.”Heimlich”. In German it means “intimate”, “homely”, “familiar” but also “hidden”. The title is based on Freud’s “Das Unheimlich” essay, which refers psychoanalytically to something familiar and friendly that ends up bizarre, ominous, oddly and gives the impression that something unprejudiced horrible is imminent. Serena, a beautiful German tourist, meets Paris, a Greek chubby loner. Here’s the story of a sneaky “invasion” in a seaside old cottage during a typical Greek summer, wtih a David Lynch’s atmosphere, as a reflection on human relations, but also as a political commentary.