Gutter boy (a journey to Hell) – Anupam Khanna Baswal, India, 2020, 61’32’’

Synopsis: Gutter, sewage – you hear the word the visuals of dirty, filthy water running through the tunnels, underground the big rich cities come to your mind. We don’t see the dirty water or smell the stench coming from it, it’s exactly like how we have demarcation between the expensive buildings and slums. Those worlds don’t collide. But for a few unfortunate people, those worlds do collide, because the dirt, the filth that we create, they clean it.

Title: Gutter boy (a journey to Hell)
Director: Anupam Khanna Baswal
Writer: Maneesh Kumar
Producer: Anupam Khanna Baswal
Key cast: Ajit Kumar, Laxmi Kant Baswala, Ankit Mahn