Goodbye Berlin-Dimitris Athanitis, Greece, 1994, 74′-20/10/2016, 20.00, Trianon, Nafplio

Alexis, a Greek director who lives in Berlin, makes his living by filming video clips for unknown music groups, as well as advertising spots. For three years, he has been trying to put together an ambitious production, titled Goodbye Berlin, hoping that it will be a success. So far, however, he hasn’t been able to put it together and feels great disappointment. One day, his manager informs him that there is man in Athens, Max Romanos, who is interested in producing his film, so Alexis rushes to meet him. When he gets to Athens, the members of a gang mistake him for the pusher they are expecting from Berlin and start following him. The meeting with the Greek producer is superbly imaginative – but doesn’t bring about the desired result. The worst, however, is that the gang thinks that he has misappropriated the expected “package” and kills him without hesitation.