FATE- Andreas Marianos, Greece, 2015, 95′ – 24/10/16, TRIANON. Nafplio

Οn s small island, a saint is about to be canonized by the church. His icon has no face. According to local lore, one night the saint stepped out of the icon, visited the fair and scandalised the believers. He was ashamed of his behavior and never returned. After a disastrous weekend a writer discovers that a painter had actually been commissioned to paint the portrait of a saint, but his dissolute way of living led the locals to attribute to the saint the painter’ s acts. The islanders resorted to crime,filling in the blanks. While seeking the thruth, the writer dies in a dramatic way. A while later,his corpse is found. It has suffered abuse. A reporter undertakes to cover the story, but is faced with a closed society that refuses to speak