Buchstabensuppe- Stella Nikoletta Drossa, Greece, 2016, 14′-20/10/2016, Trianon, Nafplio

Synopsis: Can you get out of your own way? Eva takes part in an examination. Her fear, that everything she creates is not perfect, or simply not enough, is confirmed when suddenly a red-haired female rival eats Eva’s letters away. How is Eva going to write her story now? A story about a young woman, who hesitates to finish her work, because she`s afraid to fail. Retarding the challenge, she doesn`t realize the rival, who`ll be outpace her.

Buchstabensuppe/Alphabet Soup

2016, GREECE

Producer: Irene Drossa

Director: Stella Nikoletta Drossa

Genre: Social Drama

Starring: Jamila Saab Winfried Stahlke Moritz Höhne Christa Pasch Klara Kussmann

Duration: 13′13

Dialogues: Greek

Subtitles: English/Greek