A girl at the fence – Mina Poe, France, 2020, 14’40’’

In the 1950’s communist Serbia, a little girl awaits the return of her grandmother while leaning on the fence of their house they must share with the family of the judge Petrovic, member of the communist party. By her side, the woman she will become relives a moment that marked her childhood.

Title: A girl at the fence
Director: Mina Poe
Writer: Mina Poe
Producer: Mina D’Ornano
Key cast: Branka KATIC, Mina PIE, Jelena TRKULJA, Miroslav PAVICEVIC, PANDA, Filip CVETKOVIC, Tamara NALBANDIAN, Stanislas, Tamara HRISTOV, Dragisa MODOSKI, Radomir NIKOLIC, Dobrila STOJNIC