14th International Film Festival “BRIDGES” in Peloponnese

14th International Film Festival “BRIDGES” in Peloponnese

Detailed Concept and Description:  The 14th International Film Festival in Corinth, Peloponnese, titled “BRIDGES” will take place at the Municipal Theater of Corinth from November 8th to 12th, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with the support of the Municipality of Corinth and the Greek Film Center. The Festival is organized by the non-profit Cultural Company CineArt, with artistic direction by Petra Terzi.

This year’s program includes screenings of short and feature films of recent production, aimed at both the public and the schools. The film categories include global cinema, student cinema, fiction, animation, and documentary.

In addition to the screenings at the Municipal Theater of Corinth, the following events will take place:
a. The Festival’s opening will feature a concert by Australian virtuoso musicians, Alexandra (Allie) Osborne on the violin and Romano Crivici on the piano. Allie will perform with a violin crafted by the immigrant Charalambos Vatiliotis, known as the best violin maker in Australia and the subject of the film, “The Last Violin”, by Carla Thackrah

  1. An Art Exhibition on Cinema in collaboration with the Society of Arts and Letters “Alkyonides” and the Women’s Association of Agioi Theodoroi.
  2. A conference on the Protection of Intellectual Property and Ethical Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with the International Writers Capital Foundation, Writers International Edition – The Online Magazine & Publishing House, the Collective Management Organization of Intellectual Property “Isocrates”, and the news platform “The New Hellenic Times”.
  3. The Dance Team Chalkias of K.E.P.A.P. will participate in the opening (November 8) and closing (November 12) ceremonies of the International Film Festival “BRIDGES” at the Municipal Theater of Corinth.
  4. A short film competition for students on topics relevant to teenagers in collaboration with primary and secondary schools and teachers.
  5. The “Pegasus CinemaLab” workshop with guidance from distinguished filmmakers, where a short film will be produced during the workshop and screened at the Golden Pegasus Awards ceremony. The workshop is a regular feature at the “BRIDGES” Festival and is aimed at teenagers and adults who wish to gain experience in film production.
  6. Animation Workshop in collaboration with the Global Arts School. The workshop, in its second year, is primarily intended for children and teenagers.
  7. A concert at the closing ceremony with the Kaloy Youth Orchestra under the musical direction of Panagiotis Theodosiou, in collaboration with the Kalogeropoulos Foundation of Corinth.
  8. Recognition and honoring of Greek artists for their contributions to cinema and literature.

The International Film Festival of the Peloponnese “BRIDGES” is competitive and distinguishes itself by introducing a thematic film category centered around “BRIDGES.” The term “Bridges” holds a dual significance, initially emphasizing the value of art, and specifically the Seventh Art, as a medium that brings people from all over the world closer, bridging differences and distances. Subsequently, it refers to the connection and collaboration with cultural institutions and international festivals, such as the Cyprus International Film Festival.

Awards:  In ancient times, Pegasus, the symbol of the city of Corinth, was considered the horse of the Muses, ridden by poets and soaring high into the artistic firmament. For this reason, the grand prize of the “BRIDGES” Festival, the “GOLDEN PEGASUS,” is awarded to a film distinguished by the VIP international jury through the official selection of feature films, of high artistic quality, which will “travel” and be screened at other festivals, promoting Greek culture even after the conclusion of the “BRIDGES” Festival.

The Festival also presents the following special awards:

  • “Nostimon Imar” for a film director/producer from the Greek diaspora.
  • Technical Award for Cinematography or Production Design “Phaedon Papamichael,” honoring the first Artistic Director of the Festival and his son, Phaedon Papamichael, a distinguished Director of Photography and advisor to the “BRIDGES” Festival.
  • “Katerina Chelmi” Acting Award for the lead female role in a feature film, honoring the great Greek actress who also served as Vice President of the “BRIDGES” Festival.
  • “We Can Do” for a film about or by individuals with special abilities.


Certification:  The “BRIDGES” Festival has been recognized in 2023 with the European EFFE Label, an emblem of quality for remarkable arts festivals that contribute to the arts and to the local community and that have an international presence. The certification is awarded after evaluation by international experts to festivals that stand out for their artistic quality and that have significant impact at the local, national, and international levels.

Goals: The Ministry of Culture and Sports declares the city of Corinth as the host of the 14th “BRIDGES” Festival, further establishing it as the city capable of using the CITY BRAND “International Film Festival of the Peloponnese BRIDGES.” The aim is to promote the city throughout Greece and abroad.

The pre-festival events take place year round in various locations in Greece and abroad.

From June 12-16, 2024, the International Film Festival of Loutraki “BRIDGES” is scheduled to take place in the outdoor cinemas, Elektra and Galaxias. On October 28, 2024, the International Film Festival of Nafplio “BRIDGES”, featuring historical films, will be held for the seventh year.

The International Film Festival of the Peloponnese “BRIDGES” aims to:

  1. Promote and support young Greek directors, writers, and artists.
  2. Create a significant annual meeting point for Greek and international filmmakers, cinephiles, local society, and other cultural bodies, lasting a week in Corinth.
  3. Highlight the broader region where the International Film Festival of the Peloponnese “BRIDGES” is held as a new cinematic travel destination.
  4. Attract international film productions to Corinth.
  5. Develop domestic tourism.
  6. Promote Greek culture.


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