10 years of travel in China /Christos Panagopoulos, Greece, 2020, 20’

The teacher of the traditional Shaolin school and Tai Chi in Corinth (Greece) travels to China, Shi Yan Shan (Christos Panagopoulos), 34th generation of Shaolin fighting monks. The tribute refers to the 3 pillars of the material practiced all these years that travels to China which is the art of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in its birthplace, Shaolin Temple, the art of Xin Yi Pa – “The union of heart and mind and finally the art of Tai Chi’s “Supreme Authority” taught in the village of Chen Jia Gou. The master refers to what has inspired him in the specific arts as well as the purpose for which he goes every year where he trains and studies there for over 10 years now.

Χρήστος Παναγόπουλος/Christos Panagopoulos