Second Film Festival of Corinth-Peloponnese 3-10/12
We are delighted to invite you to the second Film Festival of Corinth-Peloponnese that will take place from the 3rd until the 10th of December at the municipal theatre of Corinth. The organizing committee after spending many months on the preparation, is presenting a wide schedule corresponding to all preferences and ages. Undoubtedly, the protagonist of the Festival is the Greek Independent Cinema, represented with fifteen films from a total of forty films in the event. However, the viewers will have the opportunity to ”travel” to the countries of origin of the rest of the films such as Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and faraway Indonesia!

The attendees will have the chance to watch two world premiers in the presence of their directors: the German film “Big Black’’ by Oliver Kyr, starring David Gant(Braveheart) and Delfin Saneak and the thriller “Dark Legend” by Zahos Samoladas. Furthermore, three Greek premiers will attract interest: “Fish and Chips” by Elias Demetriou from Cyprus, ’’DOS- a love story in reverse’’ by Stathis Athanasiou, who won the best movie and audience awards at the New York Festival and “Bitter Snow” by George Agathonikiades. After the screenings a discussion with the directors will follow. The Greek audience will watch for the first time the Indian drama ’’Bhobhar’’ by Gazentra Srotriya, the Russian “Medeia’’ based on the famous play of Seneca and the film noir ’’Notes from the New World’’, inspired by Dostoyevsky’s “Underground’’, in the presence of the director Vitali Samin from Los Angeles.

Additionally, four documentaries, two with a Greek touch, will captivate interest and attract the romantic viewers: ’’My sweet canary’’ about the life of Rosa Eskenazy, a rebetika singer , and “Itaca’’ a dramatized version of the poem of the Alexandrian poet.

Since the opening of the Festival coincides with the International Day of people with disability, the schedule includes films, in which people with disabilities are the main characters. This tribute is called “We can do’’. The films on Sunday morning are dedicated to children: animated cartoons called “One letter-One story’’ and the highlight “Diolkos, 1500 years’’ with educational content focused on Corinth around 350 B.C.

The members of the jury, notable Greek and foreign artists such as Anna Synodinou, Maro Theodoraki, Van Papadopoulos, Nikolas Demetriou and the Indian producer Vivek Singhania will vote for the film that will be honored with the “Golden Pegasus’’ award . The votes of the critics and the audience will determine the winners of the individual film categories.

The festival opens on Saturday the 3rd of December at 8.30 p.m with dance performances. Their topic is Pegasus and the choreographies belong to Sofia Glykofrydi. The Corinthian actress Eleni Petropoulou will lead the opening ceremony. A little earlier at 4 p.m those interested can attend the seminar “Creative Photography-Urban& Street Photography’’ by Global Arts.
After three years of absence we are looking forward to your coming at the municipal theater of Corinth, at Floisvos Square, Damaskinou Str.3

Screenings Program

*Free admission for disabled people, OAEΔ cardholders and for children on Sunday morning 4/12. The daily ticket to the Festival costs 7 euros, while those interested to attend all days can get a membership card for 20 Euros.