Psychoromantic-Wataru Shibata, Ιαπωνία, 2015, 70΄-20/10/2016, Τριανόν, Ναύπλιο

Synopsis: A college boy, Tsubasa often enjoys chat with his best friend, Makoto, and Makoto’s girlfriend, Risa. However, he suffers financially due to a dismissal of his father from a company to work for, so his friend, Makoto tests his sexual ability by sleeping with him, to introduce him to a money making industry of prostitution. Then, relation of the three dramatically changes.

GA – Psychoromantic

2015, JAPAN

Genre: Fiction

Producer: Wataru Shibata

Director: Wataru Shibata

Starring: Makoto Shinada, Ippei Tanaka, Sharen Ichiba

Duration: 70′

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English&Greek