Ouzeri Tsitsanis-Manousos Manousakis, Greece, 2015, 121′-28/10/2016, Trianon, Nafplio

The main theme of the film is the Holocaust of the vibrant, 500-year old Jewish community of Thessaloniki, during the brutal German occupation of Greece. In the Spring of 1943, they were betrayed by their complacent community leadership, and deported, non-resisting, to their doom in Poland. Two plot lines run parallel and intersect with this theme: A doomed love story and the early years of famous Rembetico music composer Vasilis Tsitsanis. In the small tavern where Tsitsanis’ company performs, intermingle German officers, Greek collaborators, black marketeers, and undercover Resistance fighters. Young carpenter Yorgos, works there in the evenings. Yorgos is involved in the nascent Greek Resistance, as the operator of a radio transmitter. When Jewish girl Estrea is assigned to be his assistant, a passionate, forlorn love blooms.

-Written by Persistent Gardener