IMPROMPTU – Gio Kaptra, Italy, 2016, 17′

The Italian poetess Amelia Rosselli (Paris, 28 mars 1930 – Rome, 11 february 1996) did her last bond toward death: she threw herself in a shaft. In the fiction IMPROMPTU, it is imagined that, during her last bond, Amelia remakes, like a déjà-vu, her poem IMPROMPTU. The voice-off is by the poetess who wrote and read IMPROMPTU in 1981. The actress is playing a double role: (1) she plays the poetess who rehears the poem Impromptu and performs its metaphors; (2) she plays a young woman who encounters poetry and finally awakes through an out-of-body or near-death experience with the dead poetess. Is it a dream for the young actress who dreams to be the poetess? or is it the last enlightenment of the poetess? The voice-off of the poem IMPROMPTU sounds as the lyric stream of consciousness; shots grow around like a field of wheat… toward the final ignition of images. from death to rebith IMPROMPTU shows a spriritual/transcendental voyage… à la JL-Godard… from death to rebirth.